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The Metal Waterfall Gallery

703 Highway 2 Suite D/ Post Office Box 316  Leavenworth, WA 98826

Entrance Located On Front Street

Care and Maintenance

 All of our sculptures can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. We use only the highest quality copper and brass. Those with the bright finish have been sealed with a clear gloss polyurethane varnish to prevent tarnishing.  If you desire to maintain this finish, a coating of clear sealant may be reapplied annually. (Cabot Harbormaster interior/exterior polyurethane #2403 gloss is recommended). 

    The green sculptures have been treated with a patina solution to turn them that color which will be further enhanced with exposure to the weather, rain, sun, etc.  Because all of our sculptures are handmade, each one will be uniquely different.  No two sculptures or finishes will be exactly the same.

   All waterfalls are pre-tested and will arrive ready to be filled with water. They are self-contained.  No plumbing is necessary. All waterfalls have silent, recirculating pumps with a valve on each one for water flow control. Simply fill the reservoir with water and plug in. You will have to replenish the water supply as needed due to evaporation.  Do not allow your waterfall to run with out water. This will result in  overheating of the pump. Pumps are included with each waterfall.  The pumps are U.L. listed and C.U.L. listed for Canada. The waterfall pumps require periodic cleaning to prevent debris and mineral deposit buildup.  Read pump instructions to disassemble and clean. We recommend removing the pump from outdoor waterfalls when temperature drops below freezing.

    Mineral deposits on the waterfalls are natural and can be removed with a mild soap and water or with a bathroom cleanser formulated to remove deposits. After cleaning, let dry completely before refilling with water.  If desired, a coat of lacquer may also be reapplied to those waterfalls that were initially clear coated. If you do have really hard water you may want to use distilled or bottled water.

If an algae problem arises, an aquarium additive such as Algae Gone or Algae Away  may be added to the water. These products can be found at most pet supply stores.Bleach is not recommended.




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